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Faith Farms Ghost Eye Inzanely Blue

aka Zane is a lovely dog with a very bubbly personality! He is very outgoing and sweet. He has excellent herding instinct and has been so much fun to teach to chase cattle and pigs.  He has such natural herding instinct and truly loves his job.  He is brave, not scared of anything and absolutely LOVES swimming!!! He is a larger mini, around 35-40 lbs and 18" tall.  He was originally purchased from Packet Ranch, where he was used as a sire for many litters!  ASDR and AKC registered!



MMA Ghost Eye Jake

aka Jake is a handsome boy, with a sweet but shy personality. He is a larger mini/small standard, around 50 lbs and 18" tall.  He was purchased by us from Packet Ranch, where he was used as a sire for many litters! I decided to buy yet another dog from Packet Ranch after our stud prospect failed his OFA's, because I know her program and I trust it!  Jake has had all his testing done, OFA's are available for puppy families to view, as well as his full Aussie health panel.  ASDR and AKC registered! 

***Photo credit to Packet Ranch Aussies.  Updated pics to come***



Genuine Warrior Pryme Chrome

First picture I saw of this little guy I fell in love!  This little guy is nicely built, beautifully marked, and has an amazing temperament.  And he is an incredibly smart cattle dog! I couldn't be happier with this little guy!  The intention was to keep this gorgeous guy as a stud - however after issues presented on his OFA exams, he was neutered.  This is why OFA's are so important! Just because no issues are presently visible, doesn't mean they arent there.  Pryme will live his life out with us as a pet.

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